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The Empty Rationale for a Tomb (Part 2): ‘The Supreme Horror of Crucifixion’

Part 2: ‘In the ancient mind, the supreme horror of crucifixion was to lose public mourning, to forfeit proper burial, to lie separate from one’s ancestors forever… non-burial [was] the authority’s... warning to... every passerby.’

The Empty Rationale for a Tomb (Part 1): A Point Buried in the Detail

Part 1: What was the reason for crucifying someone in antiquity? What could this tell us about why Jesus was killed by the Roman authorities and what might have happened afterwards?

The Easter Story Had No Eyewitnesses (Alive to Comment About It)

Why have we not checked out the evidence before? How old were the eyewitnesses and when did they die out by? The answer is uncomfortable for many...

Fiendishly Fun Christmas Quiz 2017

Only 7% of the population can get these 12 Christmas questions right - can *you*?

Hey There Jesus! We’ll Just Laugh Along Because We Know That None of Them Have Felt This Way…

Part 3 - Many faiths evade the dirty word that “religion” has become. Why? And more importantly, which religious lover / brother / parent should you pick?

Overly Attached Jesus: A Blueprint for an Unhealthy Marriage

Part 2 - You may wish to reconsider a 'relationship with Jesus'; biblically, it's not pretty.

Are You Madly in Love With Jesus?

Part 1 - There exists an enormous gulf between a ‘relationship with Jesus’ and a normal human relationship.

Evidence of Absence (of Early Christian Unity)

Early Christians did not agree on 'who Jesus was and what he did'. Proto-orthodox believers actively destroyed the record of this diversity.

So Much Death. What Can Men Do Against Such Reckless Hate?

After numerous terrorist attacks in the UK and elsewhere, here's a reflection on religion, community and peace after joining some Muslim friends for an Iftar meal during Ramadan. We can all make peace in our lives, the lives of others, and the life of the world.

Do Not Lower Your Safeguard – Concerns I Have with Soul Survivor

Having gone 5 times, 3 of those as a volunteer, Soul Survivor has serious welfare and protection issues. This is standard for much of evangelical youth work.

Eden, Etiology & Ethnogenesis: How Smart People Read Genesis

Genesis is long (32k+ words), multi-authored, fascinating, literarily excellent, and yet provocatively racist.

The Audio Gospel of Thomas

Ever had someone frustrate you so much that you turned around and told them that "you are the poverty"? As something a little bit different, I thought I'd record myself proclaiming the frequently bizarre teachings found in the Gospel of Thomas!

“Saint Paul’s Disease”?

Epilepsy is known by some Irish Catholics as "Saint Paul's Disease". Is there any truth to this idea? What else does the Bible have to say about epilepsy?

Better is a Dinner of Vegetables Where Love Is

Millions of animals were sacrificed as a 'pleasing odour' to God in the Old Testament. Having said that, Jesus may well want you to be a Vegetarian!

Measuring Forgery in Early Christianity (Part 2)

100% of texts claiming to be written by Jesus are forgeries - bet you didn't know that! There is very little difference between those Christian writings included in the NT canon and those excluded. 30% of canonical texts make an authentic authorship claim, compared with 23% of non-canonical texts.

Measuring Forgery in Early Christianity (Part 1)

Lying for a higher cause is often blessed by God in the Old Testament. Consequently, forgery to generate correct theological beliefs was common in early Christian circles, including those that produced the New Testament.

The Mad Maths of Inerrancy

Are you sure there is less than 1 in 45,000 chance that any given Bible verse contains an error? Because that's what is mathematically required in order for you to be over 50% sure that the Bible is inerrant.

The Favourite Bible Verse of 29 Nations is Misunderstood

According to YouVersion's bible app, Jeremiah 29:11 is the favourite Bible verse in at least 29 countries. The text is grossly misunderstood by most people, yet the passage, when read in context, remains (largely) beautiful.

The Little Lord Jesus, A Palm Tree He Bends?

Having recently gone to Christmas Eve Mass this year, where parishioners fawned over their children dressed as donkeys and angels and gazed devotionally at the porcelain baby Jesus in his crib, I too have reflected on the baby Jesus... and how he blessed a palm tree branch so it could enter the Kingdom of God! Infancy Gospels are not just entertaining reading, they are also important for understanding Catholicism and Islam.

‘Whoever Speaks Evil of Father or Mother Must Surely Die’, Right? (Mark 7:10)

As far as is presented by the Synoptic Gospels, Jesus of Nazareth appears strongly in favour of retaining the punishments associated with the 'Law of Moses', including stoning children.

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