Hello Everyone!

Ever had someone frustrate you so much that you turned around and told them that “you are the poverty”, or perhaps that you start to believe that they are actually “a carcass”? As something a little bit different, I thought I’d record myself proclaiming the unorthodox and (purposefully) incomprehensible sayings found in the non-canonical Gospel of Thomas!

If you want to learn more about forgery in early Christian communities, please have a read here and here. I’ve also written on the hilarity and influence of the Infancy Gospels (IGs) here. Also – don’t forget to like the Facebook page!

Any particular sayings which stand out? Let me know! I particularly enjoy sayings 7, 21 and 114. Any parallels or differences you notice with the Synoptic Gospels and / or John’s Gospel? Here is a full list compiled in Excel with approx. similarity percentages at the bottom for any biblical nerds or interested normal people out there:

Early Christian Writings - Gospel of Thomas

(Apologies for the low audio quality and for my voice in general; the recording was the first time I had ever read the Gospel of Thomas in its entirety – I wished to capture how strange it would seem to ancient readers, as well as modern ones.)

Scholars Version translation of the Gospel of Thomas by Stephen Patterson and Marvin Meyer, taken from The Complete Gospels: Annotated Scholars Version. © 1992, 1994 by Polebridge Press. Text available (w/ typos) here.